Thursday, 13 September 2012

Making more progress

Almost finished this, my A3 challenge piece this week.  It might have been called finished if I didn't think that the text was a bit weedy!  I'm happy to have the writing there, but I need to take the time to bulk it out either by adding extra threads or by using different stitches.

Other than that, it is recognisably a map, (and for those who know the area, perhaps even recognisable as a map of Twickenham), with concentric more or less circles radiating out from our home.  I've added buttons to show destinations we go to each week (swimming, gymnastics, ballet, schools, Brownies) and looped thread around to show the journeys.  Although I'm not sure that the balance of the design is quite right, I'm pretty happy with the technical aspects of applying coloured voiles, stitched around them and then burning off the excess around the edge.  That's how the 'green spaces' and the river were added.  I really want to try more of this!

Come and see it for real at my quilt group's local exhibition - Friday 5th Oct to Sunday 7th Oct (10 - 5pm each day) at The Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington TW11 9NN.  All profits to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

The actual finish this week is another quilt that will be in the exhibition.  I started it at a workshop with Jan Hassard last November, but didn't do anything more with it until this summer when it's slowly crept to a finish.

I can see that it needs blocking to sort out the wobbly bottom (wouldn't it be lovely if some pins and a spray of water would sort out my wobbly bottom - what a thought!) but I'm pleased with the overall look of it.

I'm hoping that once we've sorted out the living room (soon to be re-decorated) that it will hang on the wall in there.  Must remember to mention that to DH......!

My other quilty escapade this week was to go to a talk (again, my local quilt group) by the hugely talented Maggie Barber.  She not only showed us her wonderful quilts, but was kind enough to let us get up 'close and personal' with them all too.  I came away thinking that I should probably just hang up my sewing needles for ever, as the standard of her work was so incredible!  (I've clearly decided that this was an overreaction, and have decided to carry on sewing, but to try and do what I do a bit better!).

I hope that you are finding plenty to inspire you in your world too!  Happy sewing!


  1. Plum , these are beautiful. Please can I have a demo / tutorial on the sheer burning back technique?

  2. wow, thats an impressive quilt, like the map idea too.

  3. The JH finish is awesome, I need to find mine and do some more on it! I love the map idea, and although I've done some burning away, it was more to create texture in a piece rather than to finish an area, brilliant idea!

  4. I love the map design (I still enjoy the OS postcard you made for me), and the way you have personalised it with your activities is great, well done.


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