Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Two little quilts

Hurrah!  At last, a quilt! 

This is called 'My Girl'.

This has been made over some months as a quilt group challenge - two strips made in different styles each month, then put together (in my case with some of the left-over jelly roll strips that I'd mostly made the rest of the strips from) to make a small quilt.  Only something like 32" x 42", but I hope it will be enough to make someone smile. 

I have to be honest, I wasn't pleased with the way that the creamier backgrounds didn't really work the brighter white backgrounds.  One of those quilts that in some ways it's better just to finish and move on from, and not to worry about it all overmuch!
This tiny quilt (18" x 22") is less 'lasagne quilt' and more like 'round the pantry hash'!  It has used all the odd blocks and the last couple of jelly roll bits that I had left, and took a little juggling to get it large enough.  Very satisfying to use the scraps from one quilt to make another.   I think that the technique of doing so should be called 'doing an Angelika' as she is the one (on my on-line quilting group, BQL) who I most associate with this idea.  Thank you, Angelika!

Both quilts will stay with me until our group quilt show (you want details?  OK, it's the 5th - 7th October from 10am to 5pm at the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington.  TW11 9NN - don't worry, I'll mention it again nearer the time, but feel free to put it in your diary now!) and then they will be passed on to Project Linus.

I've also decided that some of the other unfinished projects I've got should be given enough time to get them to the finish line too.  Lovely DH has promised to take the DDs away for a couple of nights at half-term, so I have big plans for my twisted log cabin then, and hope to work on one or two of the other projects (mostly using random blocks left over from other projects or made as trials) which will probably also end up as Project Linus quilts.

I hope that your crafting is going well.  I'm off to do half an hour on my C&G (texture this module, which is fun, although I'm missing colour as it has to be completed in mono-chrome).


  1. You have made some great quilts,Plum, congratulations. And well done for using your scraps.

  2. It's a lovely little quilt :-) I felt the same about the texture module, I found it a bit dull not using any colour!

  3. Very pretty and restful colour combos :-)

  4. Very nice quilts,you have been very productive indeed.


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