Friday, 16 March 2012

Look at this!

Do you remember me showing this on my blog last year?  I've given you a nice big photo so that you can appreciate the detail.  Then I'm going to tell you that in real life it is an ATC, so just 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and you can be even more impressed!

So why am I showing you this again?  Because on Monday night we had a talk from a Certified Quilt Judge, and it turned out to be none other than the sender of this card, Tracey Pereira!  What an interesting quilter and quilt judge.  Even without the benefit of her projector (which decided not to play nicely about half way through her talk, unfortunately) she kept us entertained.  Lovely to see some of her quilts in real life, too.

She made this card by quilting first, then colouring the feathers with Inktense pencils.  I've heard (if it's on line, can you see a conversation rather then hear it?) a number of people talking about them, but have previously pulled up a listing for them, sucked my teeth at the price, and left it.  This week, not only have I seen what else Tracey has done with them, but I'm also looking at colour as part of my C&G course - which has made me look at the colouring media that I already have..... so this time, looked for the cheapest source I could find and treated myself, just in time for Mothering Sunday!  What a nice present to myself!

Of course, in the same post came some textured threads in various different colours that I'd bought myself (second hand?  does that count?) and I've also ordered some Mylar templates and a couple of quilting stencils (quite cheap, and free P&P so that can hardly count either, can it?).  It's a bumper Mothering Sunday for me, and the rest of the family don't even know that yet!

Time to go and play!  Hope you are able to enjoy some playtime too.


  1. I was put off by the price of inktense pencils but perhaps I'll follow your example! Did you get them via Amazon?

  2. I think that the inktense pencils I bought have been one of the best things ever. I have been using them on fabric and paper for about two years and I am still not half way down the pencil. The colour pigment is so high that I would recommend them to anyone. They are just so nice to play with. You will be able to do lots of experimenting as you get different results on wet/dry fabric and paper. Have fun Angela x (Fendland Textile Studio)

  3. The ATC is amazing. Im off now to google inktense pencils!

  4. I'll answer the question about where I bought them here, in case anyone else wonders. I started off by looking at Amazon, but then looked on eBay at the 'buy it now' sales, and found that I could buy a tin of 24 for £11.99. They arrived the day after I ordered them from 'thesoxwholesaler' although I'm sure that other sellers would offer a good service too.
    I've had a little play this afternoon and I'm pleased that I've invested in them!

  5. The shopping sounds great. The inktense price is really good. I paid that for a box of 12!!! The ATC is amazing!


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