Friday, 30 December 2011

Festive Greetings!

I've not been hiding, just having PC and internet problems..... pretty much sorted out now, though, so a belated HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a slightly early HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I thought that a quick round up of my pre-Christmas crafting might be in order, so here goes:
These 'message bots' were made for some crafting friends - I even managed to make two in 'Christmas colours' so that they have an excuse to pack them away until next year if they want to.
This pouch was made for another crafting friend from some batik that I'd stitched into last month.  I'm pretty certain that it didn't look nearly this garish in real life.....
 This is a cushion cover that I made as a 'commission' (my friend will make a charity donation in 'payment') for a very small girl - and I'm quite pleased with using the pastels again instead of the brights on white.  The details don't really show, but the overall meander quilting is in a very pale pink thread (Valdini, I think) that looks lovely on it.
And finally, this was a bead encrusted tiara that I made for myself - although I have to say that I have no idea when I'd wear such an item, or why I'd want to wear something that really just high-lights how grey my hair is now!  I daresay that it will be claimed by one of my DD's in the near future whereupon I will be honour bound to make a second for the other DD!

So, not a crafty item shown that wasn't completed before Christmas, and the prospects of anything else appearing  in the very near future seem slight, as I've been too tired to pick up a needle except when helping small people with some of their crafting projects.  Perhaps my next 'show and tell' will be of their items, once they've been retrieved from around the house!

Happy Christmas crafting, Happy New Year crafting - I wish you health, happiness and sufficient prosperity and time to maximise your creative potential in 2012!


  1. I do like your little cushion. Someone is going to be delighted with that I think! Happy New Year!

  2. We all deserve a lovely bead encrusted tiara after all the hard work of Christmas. xx

  3. fnally!glad you replied,your the only one that has. youl have to send me your adress- I wont publish it, bad news is- I am off on holiday, back next week, so youl have to wait a little bit but I hope you like the book and stuff...

  4. Sorry to hear that you are feeling tired. Did you do too much over the holidays. Enjoy a peaceful few days ith the girls then make sure you rest when they go back to school!

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Plum, wishing you a wonderful crafty year, a good health as well,and lots of fun with the family.


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