Monday, 31 October 2011

Still Button Crazy!

 This has been another week of buttons.  Trying to get to grips with cutwork (this one called 'fire pit').  I haven't finished this one yet, so it's still stretched out flat.
 This is another french knot and web stitch one, called 'pink pools' - this one still out flat as well.
More cutwork - this one just called 'lacy'.  I'm not sure that I like this style enough to try it again, and there are several errors that I'd correct if I was going to......
 This finished button has stuffed bits and scrim and french knots and bullion stitches....and I haven't got the colour right in the photo or you'd be able to see that it's a lovely bright turquoise!
 Button making was put aside on Saturday so that I could take part in the Jan Hassard's 'Interwoven log cabin' workshop with about 15 other members of my quilting group.  We worked hard making twisted log cabins (some clockwise, some anti-clockwise) - some (like Benta!) worked faster than others (me) and completed or nearly completed lots of blocks.  I managed six twirling one way and half completed six twirling the other.......
As we each completed our first six blocks we pinned them to the project board to get an idea of how the pattern would work once we'd completed our blocks.  My blocks are the oversized blue and white ones (my 1/4" seam was *very* scant on the Featherweight).  It was a fun, but tiring day. Thirty-six blocks are all that we need to make a wall hanging size quilt.  I like the idea of making them right now, but the 'things to do list' seems to be a bit full at the moment!

Why not visit Benta's blog to see when she thinks she might finish hers?

Meanwhile, I'm hoping to catch up on my button course this week and make a split cutwork button, a toggle, a Dorset button, a Singleton button, a half and half button and finally a ball button.  That's all I need to do to complete the course so that I'd have make at least one example of each type.


  1. I love all your buttons Plum!
    Glad you enjoyed your workshop with Jan! I did her 'Strata' one a while ago - and I saw a lot of her quilts at Malvern on Saturday

  2. Just a few buttons to do then? LOL. I love the Pink Pools, i never got the hang of french knots. I was sewing frantically as i knew i couldnt touch it again until next year (what a thought!). I dread to think how un-square my blocks are! A great day though

  3. Have enjoyed catching up on your blog today. You get so much done! The buttons are really interesting ...I especially like the 'fire pit'.


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