Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Good Monday!

Sewing?  After I said I was going to be scrapbooking instead?  Moi?  Well, OK, but only a 30 minute project from the Molly Makes magazine.  A simple wallet.  Fun (and quick!) to make.
Next time I make one I'd probably add a little coin purse to make it even more useful, but I can see my girls liking one each for their library cards and so on (and, in time, their Oyster card!).

So apart from this, why was Monday good?  Well, I the lovely Benta came to tea, and then we went off to meet other quilty friends at Richmond and Kew Quilters to hear Sara Impey speak and admire her spectacular quilts.  Quite the best quilt talk I've been to, and brilliant quilts using text, often set into grids.  Her love of language sang through, and her attention to detail - both layout and workmanship - were outstanding.  I came home not quite knowing whether to sell the sewing machine, fabric and thread and give up there and then, or whether to start trying to incorporate some of her techniques into what I do!

I am trying not to take the 'give up sewing forever' approach, as my good news (if you don't want to read a boast, look away now) is that I passed Module 1 of my C&G course.  Perhaps not amazing news to anyone else, but something that wasn't quite as frightening as I thought it might be to do, and which passing might encourage me to take the next step with it.  With distance learning (or at least, if you choose the right course) there is a lot of flexibility about how / when you complete modules, which would suit me and my variable energy levels well. It also means that I don't have to waste precious energy travelling to a class and interacting with other students (sounds terrible, doesn't it?  I'm not by nature anti-social, just have to be careful how I use the small reserves that I have) - I can just sit at home and digest course notes and get on with what is required.

This was my final design for the 'line' assignment - no textiles included, and lots that I'd change if I was making it again!

So, onwards and upwards, but first time to get on with that scrapbooking!

Hope you are having an equally good start to your week.


  1. Hi Plum, well done on the C and G. I like the purse as well. See you soon.

  2. The wallet is really sweet. Thanks again to you for letting me invite myself over, and to A for organising such a fab speaker. And mega congrats again on the C&G module pass

  3. Well done on passing your C&G course!! The wallet is very cute too!


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