Thursday, 7 July 2011

Take Four Fat Quarters....

 .....and put them with a background fabric, to make a quick and easy 'Cobblestones' quilt!   I did mean to make a tutorial for this, but it's so simple that I don't think that it's needed.  So if I just share with you that each block finishes at 8", so therefore you need to cut 25 x 4.5 " blocks, then 25 sets of 2 x 2.5" x 4.5" strips and 25 matching 2.5" x 8.5" strips you'll probably have all the information that you need.  Remember that you'll only cut half of each from your four FQ's, the rest will need to be cut from your background fabric.  My program says 7/8th of a yard would be enough, I suggest that you use a yard or a metre (depends when and where you buy!) and insert a strip of it into your backing too....

You might have enough fabric from your FQ's for a border or two, and even the binding.  My way was to cut everything left over from the initial FQ cutting into 2.5" strips.  I added two borders, and then got to choose whether or not to carry on and add the other borders, or whether to cut them into 1.25" strips and use to bind the quilt, which is what I actually did.  Of course, if you had five FQ's to start off with you wouldn't face the same dilemma!

My quilt finished up at 44" x 40".  Quick and easy to produce a cute baby or lap quilt - and therefore no excuse for me to have taken so long to quilt it since finishing the top back in March, I think.

This week has turned into 'fish' week.  I'm putting together a whole cloth (didn't I say I'd never make another one?) with raw edge applique fish made by every single child in DD1's junior school, as a leaving present.  The children have been amazingly imaginative with their undersea shapes!

I have to keep coming up for air.....!

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  1. The cobblestones are really pretty, I've added the pic to my pinterest as an I'd-like-to-try inspiration! The fish sound like hard work, hope you get it done in time!


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