Sunday, 3 July 2011

I almost forgot....

I finished my bonnet a couple of weeks ago, the one that I was making for 'Roses from the Heart'  (and more info here too) project, but forgot to put a picture up of the finished item.  I was reminded this week when I got a charming 'thank you' from Christina Henry, who is the founder of the project. 

 I chose the name of 'Mary Evans' - Evans being my maiden name, and added her journey details from one of the convict transport logs.  A few flowers and leaves, and then wavy lines to represent the long sea passage on 'Harmony'.
I am not the best hand embroiderer, but this was a fun and contemplative project to do.  I bought my pattern sheet from somewhere that I can't remember for a nominal £1, but I have found out that you can download it from here if you'd like to make one yourself and send it off.  Christina says that she has about 20,000 bonnets now, so still places for a few thousand more.....

I also bought in a service this week from Ani Catt.  She offers a fabric shape cutting service - brilliant!  You can send her fabric (I pre-backed mine with fusible web) and she will die cut it for you for a small charge. I have some lovely snowflakes for a winter project, and a few blue curlicues too, which were intended as embellishment for a stalled cushion project, but are so lovely that they deserve something more creative (and I've got a new plan for the cushion project, which involves turning it into a medallion for a baby quilt instead, much better!).

I also repaired a block from my 'Supernova' (not so very quilt along, in my case).  It rather looks to me as though a small person in the household had wanted to test my fabric scissors....  I suppose that it could have been her sisters hair (again) so perhaps I shouldn't sigh too deeply!

And talking of DD2's hair.......she and one of her best friends were all dolled up yesterday for their ballet exam - and very proud of their 'ballet hair' (and later, of their certificates!). 

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a bit more sewing done this week, as so far it looks as though I won't have children at home following strike action or children at home following sickness - fingers crossed at least!

I hope you find time to do all the things that you'd like to accomplish this week too.


  1. Hi Plum, lovely chatty post, You've been busy!

  2. Love your bonnet. That's a great project, I'e made a few and it was such a delightful thing to be part of. Very nice to read about your ballerina! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. What a busy life! The bonnet is really cute, shame girls don't wear them these days (would have stopped my battles with nits!). The fabric cutting link is very useful to know, and the ballet hair gets an A+, well done! Shame about the scissor testing, they all do it, don't they!


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