Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sew much fun!

Lots of fun and small projects this week.

On Monday night we enjoyed 'girls night in' and I finally stopped fighting the urge to get some (more) of my friends playing with patchwork.  A surprise gift of some curtains from Tracy, a few minutes work with a rotary cutter and a sewing machine to produce simple nine patches, another few swipes of the blade to make fleece squares and a chunk of fusible onto some more of the red print, and we have 'kits' ready for them to make valentines cushions.

Obviously wine and nibbles are essentials for any evening craft get together.....and lots of tales and laughter too! 

One cushion not yet finished, one taken home for the envelope backing, and four finished and ready for the 14th.  It's good to have friends, and it's good to sew.

 I stayed with the red and white for a birthday card (requested colours) but as I haven't sent it yet I won't show it here.

I rather thought that I'd stay with the red and white for this months heart postcard swap too - but decided to use purple.  Fabric and sequins trapped under a non-woven topping, and a knitted 'ribbon' couched on top to make a set for posting later this month.

You can see the base fabric for the postcards behind this bracelet - the topping sewn onto the post cards knocks it all back a bit.

This bracelet is a belated Christmas present - I failed to order the right (child) sized bracelet to add the charms and beads to before Christmas, so it's only now that it's going to it's rightful owner. 

I'm pretty sure that it's time to reorganise and tidy my jewellery making bits and bobs, and perhaps even make space for them in a cupboard......nah, lets not get onto the whole 'I should tidy out my cupboards' conversation - after all, I've got sewing to do instead!

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  1. Way to go with the able brain washing!! The bracelet's really sweet! Look forward to seeing you soon



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